About Us

We are London Influencer agency. We are not a marketing platform or Artificial Intelligence software or any other automated service out there.

We understand the importance of human touch, the conversation and sharing ideas, that's why we launched LIA. We are proud to champion personality and diversity, clients know to come to LIA'S expert management team for newcomers and influencers with global recognition. LIA secures meaningful collaborations across the board and provides visionary leadership with talent wellbeing at the core.

With a 40+ year heritage, London Influencer Agency continues to grow business through creative energies, ideas and relationships.

Committed to
Achieving Perfection

With combined experienced of over 40 years in the industry we are committed to achieving the best results possible for our influencers as well as brands. We don't take sides, we make collaborations! 

For Influencers

Influencers are not alone anymore! We are here to represent you, protect you and take that paperwork away, you are here to inspire and create! We will connect you with the brands, get you into events, set up content shooting days and get you PAID!

For Brands

Have a great product but don't know how to navigate social media & become wildly in demand? We will create content for you social media, ​engage with your followers, manage your influencers and campaigns. We can help you with account setup, web design, Google Shopping, brand identity, photo & video content production and much more so you are all set to become the brand in demand!


It's not all about the numbers, but since you asked.. We have a reach of over 382 million people and growing, we have experience working with food brands and foodies, celebrities and biggest fans, beauty brands and make-up artists, technology companies and geeks... you name it! We like to listen, and let our influencers do the talking!


Want to become an influencer but don't know where to start?

Join us! The strength of the wolf is the pack! We will help you to find your niche, find your style, put you in touch with the brands and get you involved with the campaigns! 


You like open relationship? We do too! We provide a subscription service for Influencers like you. With ever growing PR contact list, you can have it all on your terms. You will have an insight into our upcoming events and RSVP if you like, or if you don't feel like "influencing" today, just pause your subscription.